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Meet Ryan J Russell Ph.D.

Ryan lives in Southeastern Arizona and thinks of himself as your average guy with Duchenne muscular dystrophy who happens to have a Ph.D. in General Psychology and is an Eagle Scout. Ryan is a Life Coach and helps people reach their full potential. He currently works with multiple charities. 10% of what he earns from writing goes to Operation Underground Railroad.

His current goal is to get a handicap conversion vehicle, which would significantly change his life. 90% of what he earns from this novel goes to his vehicle fund.


My Story

When I was born, my parents and siblings started making plans for my Olympic debut. Before I turned five, those plans were dashed when my parents were told by a doctor I might live to 18. The prognosis was Duchenne muscular dystrophy. My parents were vaguely aware of the word muscular dystrophy. Jerry Lewis had a telethon for it, but they knew nothing else. I went through life as normal as possible; well, I tried, but my parents always had that worry that I would make it past 18. I had a great deal of hope that I believe that a cure would be made available and maintain I would no longer have muscular dystrophy. I lived many years of my life with that belief, and because of it, held myself back in many ways.

I decided to go to college, which I never planned for. After about 14 or 15 years, I just completed my Ph.D. in General Psychology, which I started in 2013 as well as a Masters. While I was attending school and trying to find employment, which is difficult when handicapped. There were specific dreams I always had growing up, and somehow I remember most of those dreams. Since high school, I’ve been thinking about writing a book, and I’ve started several times. However, I continued the goal this time. In 2017 I started writing, and though it was slowed by school, I didn’t stop.

In November 2019, everything changed in my life for the better. I had some significant challenges impact my life. Those three years up to June 2020 were the hardest of my life, but the most educational. That day in November 2019, I rode in a handicap conversion van in the front because they can move the seat and put my wheelchair there. That taste of freedom was addictive because I could see everything, and getting in the van was so easy. My current van is full-size, hard to get into, has almost no way of tying me down, and I can’t see the top third of anything around me. The few minutes of that test drive opened my mind to all the possibilities and things I had been keeping myself from. I determined then that I would do anything I could to provide for myself and get off government assistance. This included finishing my degree, finishing a novel, and being a motivational speaker. I completed most of those things in 2020 and am working towards perfecting them. I just started the business in October 2020, where I help people to be successful and reach their goals. If I can do it in a wheelchair, anyone can. Writing is just one step. I love it and am glad to put my dreams to use finally.

Reach for the stars! No matter the size or distance, reach with all your might!

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